Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Blessed Eucharist, 1868I finished The Blessed Eucharist yesterday. What can I say? I'll give you a couple sentences from it:
Therefore, it is incumbent upon all Catholics who read it to give this book to their friends and relatives - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - that they too may come to the profound understanding of the necessity of receiving frequently the Blessed Eucharist in Holy Communion, and that the non-Catholic may realize he must join the Church, so that he may receive the Eucharist, and thereby the graces necessary to save his soul. The majority of mankind is struggling in error and is being led to eternal perdition. Help stem this tide by giving extra copies of The Blessed Eucharist.
Those are the very last sentences in the book and were not written by the original author, I think. Liberal reading is damaging something; I just can't figure out what. I should just stick with the Bible and history. But I do think that many non-Catholics should read the book just so that they understand. Sometimes I think people see the pope as being the icon that holds the Church together, but it's really the mystical qualities sought in the Eucharist. It's heavy stuff.

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