Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello again. This week I finished reading "The Visitation" (1999) by Frank Peretti. It's a weird one, but it makes sense. Like all of his books, it does make you think. I guess I've read a couple of his other books back during my college days. I got this book at ABBA's Second Chance Resale store in Gainesville. One of my volleyball friends, Carol, volunteers there at the store, and last week she found a just-like-new pair of shoes for me, and she brought them to volleyball last week. I guess she got tired of looking at my socks through the holes in all of my shoes! I'm grateful, and the shoes work really well and look good, too! So the ABBA (All Babies Born Alive) store is pretty cool.

My life has been pretty tame lately, I guess. I just got back from a quick trip to Utah to be with Felicia during the loss of her husband. Work has been pretty slow for a month or so, but I'm not complaining - yet. I need to make more money, but I've made the step of asking for massage therapy equipment for Christmas/birthday this year, and hopefully I'll be brave enough to start taking a few clients. I'm not sure where I'll be able to do it or even how I will find the time, but I do know that it could be a very nice change of pace for me. I'm feeling a little more confident about making it work now that I've lost 65 lbs. in the last year-and-a-half. Yup, the Weight Watcher-ing is definitely paying off, as you can see:

I still have a long way to go - I'm just past the halfway point (my personal goal is 175, but my WW goal is 164) - but I'm feeling fairly confident that I will keep making progress. You know, part of the WW plan includes exercise, and doing the massage thing will be an excellent way to get more active, too! So that's where things stand for me. I hope all is well with you. If you need/want to see a massage therapist after New Years, just let me know! Hmm...maybe I should start selling gift cards now. There's a thought!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Greetings and salutations. I finished "Left Behind: a Novel of the Earth's Last Days" a couple of days ago. It was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins in 1995. Of course there was a movie made in 2000 based on the book, and apparently another one is coming out on October 3. Huh - that's just one month from today! Anyway, the book tells an interesting story, but it's really not that well-written. The conversations are just flat, which makes for sort of flat characters. If it wasn't for the movie that I've seen several times, I wouldn't really know the characters at all. It's also possible that I should have read the book first, and I'm pretty sure doing that would have made me hate the movie 'cause not much of the book is even in the movie. So it's an easy-to-read book, but I wasn't too impressed. It'll be interesting to see how the new movie with Nicolas Cage handles the presentation of the Gospel. If they get that part right, maybe I can ignore the feeling that the new movie looks like it's going to be based on the old movie and not really on the book. Oh well. Maybe it's all good as long as it makes people think about God and the coming judgment. Heaven is for real...but so is hell...

So things around here are fairly calm. We're supposed to sort of be getting a new horse on Saturday. She's an Arabian/Saddlebred named "Sweet Seduction" a/k/a "Tootsie". I haven't even seen her yet, and we're just gonna get her 'cause she's free and 'cause mom can't say "no". So that should make for an interesting weekend. This morning I hafta take "Scraggle Cat" in to be fixed. This is my "Scraggle Cat".

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So I dun did figure out which book I neglected to review. "Catching Fire" a/k/a "Hunger Games II" was written by Suzanne Collins. I got this book up in Lawton, OK, when we were up there for mom's birthday trip back in November last year. I guess we went to see the movie that same weekend. So once again I watched the movie before reading the book...probably...I can't remember!! While the first movie installment stuck pretty closely to the book, this one didn't as much. But I do think my opinion has changed some to where I am more into the whole thing than I was back in 2012 when the first one came out. Not that I can do a very good review 8 months after the fact... But I feel like the hole has been closed - the mystery has been solved - I haven't let down my readers after all! And, since I'm basically the only reader at this point, I do know how much they [the reader(s)] care ;)

So it's just another day at work...pretty slow. The W.W. meeting told me I gained 2.2 lbs yesterday, so that's not-so-very encouraging. It was also not-so-very encouraging when I did the math - I have lost 51.6 lbs but am still 56.4 lbs away from my goal. Which means I'm not even halfway there. SIGH. But I guess that's the next little goal on the way to the big goal - 4.8 lbs until the half-way point. Yes, 4.8 seems a lot more do-able than 50+ more.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I am pretty sure that I skipped a book review prior to this one, but I guess I sort of thought I'd never have time to read again, and somehow I have found a little. So I borrowed "The Help" from Nancy when I was taking care of her killer cat, Dixie. Of course I saw the movie when it came out a couple of years ago, so I was already very familiar with the story. And my opinion is that the movie was better; however, it's a close call. The funny thing about the book is that I found myself thinking and speaking in Ebonics because of the way it is written! As far as racism goes and the issues presented in the book, the book beats the movie on that count because I had more time to really get a feel for the characters instead of just being entertained by the humor on the screen.

It's been close to a year since I've posted here. Yup, my 9 year anniversary at Padic will be here in... well, on September 25. So that's still a ways away. I can't say that much else has changed in my life since the last posting. Oh, wait... I have lost 25.4 lbs since the last time that I posted! That should count for something. Is that because I haven't been reading any books and have been out walking instead?? It's the magazines that keep me from reading the books, and I don't like it AT ALL. Who needs all that Current Events crap? I will try to do better. Be more balanced. Balancing is easier when you are 25 lbs lighter.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Melissa gave me this cute little book. The Parental Advisory warning is pretty unnecessary, although there is a little adult humor inside. It's funny 'cause she gave me this, but then the other day we watched "The Campaign" with Will Farrell, and she fast-forwarded through all the "bad" parts. I guess the movie was a tad raunchier...
And this one came from Momma G. It says that it was a discard from White Oak High School. My thought was, "Why is a romance novel in a high school library anyway??" but it turns out that it's more of a murder mystery...thing. I actually liked it quite a bit...I guess...well, it was a good read. Tough to explain without giving away the whole story!

So I know it's been quite awhile since I've put anything on here, and I'm sure no one comes around here anymore. I'm sure of that because I never go to anyone else's blogs anymore, either! It's quite tragic. Life has been pretty busy and crazy lately. I flew past my 8-year anniversary of being at Padic, and year #9 has started out alright. Chester, my cat, he's been throwing up a lot, but the vet might have fixed him this time. It's been about 2 days since I've had to clean up any urp, so that is nice. I guess there's not a whole lot else going on in my life. I mostly read magazines now, so I don't get many book review opportunities. I like books better, but my pile of magazines is bigger.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Someone actually asked me today if I still blog. I guess I'm here now, so I guess I kinda do.

So I guess I got this book at the Bowie Trades Days awhile back. "The Empty Chair" was written by Jeffery Deaver in 2000. It's kinda disturbing, not horrible. I dunno. The plot twists were unexpected, and I was surprised that it had a mostly happy ending. I wasn't extremely impressed with it as a whole, though.

I wish I could tell you about things going on in my life these days. I mean, technically I'm just going to work and hanging out with friends. So I guess that's all you really need to know. I used to have so much to say! In three months from today, I'll be 32. I'm kinda feeling younger every day. Weird.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Momma G sent me this book in the mail. I never get anything good in the mail, much less something FUN!! She said that "Don't Make Me Choose between You and My Shoes" reminded her of me since it's about a couple of private investigators having adventures. It was written by Dixie Cash - a couple of sisters from Texas - in 2008. I thought it was a very entertaining story. It even has a Hess in it, although you don't find that out until page 286. I don't think I've had any significant adventures in my line of work lately. Speaking of work, I should probably get going now. Thank you, Momma G! I definitely enjoyed it.