Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Joyful Soul: Messages from a Saint for Our TimesAll of the books in the house disappeared under the window seat, and this was the only one I could find. A Joyful Soul: Messages from a Saint for Our Times (The KS Giniger Company, Kansas City, MO. 2000) is a collection of short quotes made my Pope John XXIII and edited by Jerome M. Vereb, CP. I think it's supposed to be read a little at a time. Here's an example of one of those quotes from page 12:
It is commonly believed and considered fitting that even the everyday language of the Pope should be full of mystery and awe. But the example of Jesus is more closely followed in the most appealing simplicity, not dissociated from the God-given prudence of wise and holy men!
Pope John XXIII was the pope during Vatican II. I liked the book, just like I liked the books by John Paul last summer. It's mostly very encouraging. See, I can't help but have in the back of my mind that we're supposed to be submissive to those here on earth who have been put in power by God.

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