Monday, October 01, 2007

Portrait of Bulcher"Portrait of Bulcher" by Judy Inman was published in Gainesville, TX, in 1984. I read a copy of the second edition, published in 1988. It's an autographed copy, too, for what it's worth. When people talk about Bulcher now, they are probably referring to the place northwest of town where everyone goes 4-wheeler riding, which is now incorporated as Red River Motorcycle Trails. This book covers the glory days of the town - back when there really was a town out there. It just sort of disappeared with the depression, but I know some of the descendants of the original Bulcher-ites. It's a pretty nifty little book. Most of it is pictures, and some of it is poetry, but there are also some stories about the people and the town. I used to cut coastal hay out at Bulcher. That's some pretty country, but it's kinda wild, too. Anyhow, this was my latest reading. I know, I'm really challenging myself. But I learned some history that I didn't know before, so that's always cool.

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