Monday, January 21, 2008

All Things Wise and Wonderful & The Lord God Made Them AllI finished the other two books about the country vet - "All Things Wise and Wonderful" (1976) and "The Lord God Made Them All" (1981). I reckon I'll pass it on to Dr. Diana now, because we talked about the book when we met over Christmas, and she and Prairie both looked at me like they wanted to jump me and steal it. They'd read the earlier ones, but not this one. Prairie will just have to wait 'til Diana gets finished, and that could be years with how busy she stays saving the bovine and equine and k-9 and feline worlds. But, HA HA, it does feel nice to have read something that P-hay has not. I think she may be the most well-read person I know. So, HA HA! I win for today!

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