Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome Home! (2000)"Welcome Home! Stories of Fallen-Away Catholics Who Came Back" by various authors is a collection of stories by people who started out Catholic, left the RCC, and eventually found their way back to her. I'm pretty sure that I have read it before. What can I say? All of the 11 stories are very different, and it would be a lot to talk about each one. So instead I will just talk about the examination of conscience that they popped in there for some reason at the end of the book. It says, "A list of sins against these Commandments is provided to help stimulate personal reflection in preparation for the sacrament of confession." So here are some "sins" that I'll bet you didn't know are sins:
- Abandoning the Catholic Faith or joining any other religion.
- Denying that one is a Catholic or ridiculing the Church or its practices.
- Joining secret societies or organizations opposed to the Catholic Faith (eg. Freemasons, Communist party, pro-abortion groups).
- Witnessing or taking part in a marriage of a Catholic in a wedding not approved by the Catholic Church.
- Failure to make the Easter season Communion every year.
- Neglecting to go to confession at least once a year.
- Missing Sunday Mass or missing Mass on a holy day of obligation through one's own fault.
- Doing unnecessary servile work or shopping or conducting business on Sunday.
- Parent's failure to have children baptized soon after birth, educated in the Catholic Faith, make confession, First Communion, or confirmation, or go to Sunday Mass [that one breaks the "honor thy father & mother" command...].
- Failure to have patriotism [also father/mother...].
After those, the list starts to get more logical because they stop equating the Catholic Church with God. Speaking of churches, I'm enjoying my time at First Baptist. I've been working on their website, and it's nice to be semi-useful.

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