Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am now the owner of a 2008 Integrity 4 Horse Legacy trailer. I got it from Texas Trailer Ranch in Whitesboro yesterday.

It has a tack compartment with four saddle racks and storage in the nose.

The stalls are padded. The windows can be opened. In is an aluminum trailer, so the floors underneath the rubber floor are aluminum. This is better than wood because it won't rot.

This is the backside. It's got LED lights, and it also has lights inside the trailer and in the tack compartment. I still have to get a license plate for it.

We had to bring it to the house to show everyone.

It's very exciting. I wouldn't normally go into debt for a "recreational" vehicle, but I think I'm suffering from snow blindness. All I can think about is sunny days, being outside, camping, flowers and FUN. We've had such a crappy winter that I just can't wait to get out there ad DO something.

Also, this will be so very much safer than what we have been using. The old trailer is too short in height and too narrow, and it's always been a riddle to figure out which horse can ride where, who likes who, etc. Plus, we could really only haul 3 horses before, but now we can load all 4 of them. It will be great for camping 'cause we won't have to really worry about rain getting all of our equipment wet. And the aluminum beats out the steel because it's lighter and will not rust. Yeah, this is above and beyond what I was hoping for, but everything in the horse market is down in price right now. I think I got a great deal, and in four years, it'll really be mine.

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