Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cedar WaxwingsSup ma peeps? Yeah, I know, I ain't been bloggin. And I deleted most everything on here. I dunno. I miss it, I do. I just don't really feel like anyone is listening anyhow. Oh, sure, I could post links to my new posts on the Facebook, but I ain't all about forcin' my words all up in someone's face. Ya heard? The only reason you'd come here is if you really care about what I have to say...that, or you're just curious or perhaps a stalker, but I'll take any of those. Anywaz, who knows where this is going. I'm just tryin' to say that your presence here is greatly appreciated. And I'm sorry for my failings. I just thought I'd throw that in there since we're gettin' all reconciled here...

Are we? Yeah, this post might be on crack. There's just so many things that I can't say as freely as I ustacould, and it's sooo annoying. And I can't even remember what they were! I just feel...reserved. But never you mind that. Ma took the picture of the Cedar Waxwings while we were in Denison last week. I don't think they're my favorite bird, but I do like to stare at them. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that my favorite bird is...well, it WAS the House Finch, but I've seen too much of them lately. I really think it's the Loggerhead Shrike. They look so serious, and they always seem to be alone. I've really only seen two.

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