Friday, March 26, 2010

RainyThis is Rainy. Rainy is the neighbor's cat. The dog in the background is Shiner. Shiner barks a lot. Rainy doesn't normally look so annoyed. Well, I still haven't seen anything in the paper about the Sacred Heart Alumni Ranch Rodeo that's happening this weekend. I haven't seen any flyers, either. If not for Facebook, I would still be wondering if it was really happening at all. Since it's nowhere else on the Web, I will tell you here that the Buckaroo Rodeo for the kiddos starts Sunday, March 28, at 8am. The actual rodeo is Sunday at 1pm. I guess they really can't advertise too much - there' not enough seating in that place. I'm referring to the Austin Arena. Mom and I stopped by the Muenster Museum the other day, and they have a scrapbook in there that someone put together about the Meadors. Back in the '60s, the estate sale for the Meadors took place in that arena. There are pictures. I just think that's kinda crazy. It's a pretty big part of our town's history, and I bet my generation doesn't know much about that whole deal. Anyway, my point is - come out to the Historic Austin Arena for the SH Alumni Rodeo this weekend!

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