Sunday, April 18, 2010

dandy lionsCotton needs pickin' so bad. Mom will not like this picture 'cause it shows that junky corner in back of the house. And dad won't like this picture 'cause he's always battling the lawn. But I took this picture for cousin Stacie. We used to waste DAYS "picking cotton" - we'd take the dandelion puffs and put 'em in a bucket. That's about all I remember about that. The rain is making me sad. Me & Ma are supposed to be golf scrambling today, and I dunno if they'll have it in the rain or not. At this point, it's pretty extremely squishy out there. I guess I'll find out after church. I think mom's a little too happy about the possibility of the tourney being cancelled. I guess I need to find a more...motivated? enthusiastic? willing? Yes, I need a more willing partner. At least the rain is prolly cleaning the dead fish outta the park.

Oh, the Repub Women meeting yesterday. Well, I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person there - except for Warder's grandson who valet parked our cars - by about 20 years. The food was good. The conversation was interesting. And they definitely loved that I was there. And I payed my membership dues, so I reckon it's official now. We'll see. I bet some of those ladies play golf.

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