Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birds of North America (2001)I did finally finish reading this over the weekend, but it wasn't because I had massive amounts of free time as I was expecting. Really, I thought I would go to homecoming and maybe say hi to a couple people, do the volleyball thing, and then sort of wander around alone while silently reminiscing. It didn't happen that way at all. I saw many people that I know, and it was great to get to catch up with them. Oh, and I finished the book yesterday morning while waiting for Emily to get up so we could meet Whitney at Starbucks and go out to the pancake breakfast. And I did see a new bird while I was at Oak Forrest visiting Dr. Woodring. It was a...drat. It was a sparrow of some sort. I thought I would remember what it looked like enough to look it up, but I just can't tell for sure. There were plenty of mockingbirds. I didn't notice anything else unusual.

Yes, so back to the homecoming festivities. I got there and checked in and got to see Kris and Whitney. They talked me into signing up for Hootenanny, even though as a student I avoided it like the plague. But before Hootenanny was the alumni volleyball game, and that was really great. I only played a year and a half, but Kari, Davia and Dre were all there from my old days. And Stephanie counts, too, because I played with her in Thailand. Then Mrs. LeTourneau-Nelson was there, and there were two others who I didn't know, but it was fun to meet them. We actually beat those young whipper snappers in the first game, but I think that's about all we had in us. It was so-very-much fun, and I'm glad that so many people were there to watch. So then I walked around campus a bit and even went to the old dorm. Then was Hootenanny where I saw the Kate. And the show itself wasn't even painful. Emily let me stay at her place, which is only about a block from Lou's folk's place. Kinda funny.

And yesterday was the pancake breakfast out at the new aviation facility. I'm glad I went out there, even though it wasn't part of the original plan. I saw momma Ames, and she told me to find Lacey, so I did that after the hamburger picnic and the cardboard/duct tape boat races. Me and Lacey watched some baseball, and then I drove Emily and Whitney to Tyler for dinner before a Leeland concert where Kurt joined us. And I rolled into town about 2am this morning, and I'm really not too tired, but butt. It is so sore from the vball! You know, the soreness is usually the worst the day after the day after. And the same is true (they say) about your brain and preparing for a big test - the night before the night before the test is the most important one for sleeping. That seems odd, but my butt knows it's true. I dunno if I can ride a horse today, but we'll find out soon.

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