Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nocona HillsI shot a 108 yesterday at Nocona Hills. It was my first time to play there, and I also haven't played in a long time. Plus, I'm out of shape and ran out of steam after about 4 holes. Yes, I am making excuses. It felt like I did way worse, actually. Each hole kept getting longer! Perhaps I was tired when I started out. So, this picture comes from hole #9. It was just off the green, and my ball just happened to find it. I guess it's for a water sprinkler. And I reckon my ball is still there. See, I couldn't get it out! It's too tight to get anything around it, and it can't be rolled out because there's a little lip on the edge. ROAR! Maybe I was on some hidden camera. I didn't take a penalty for a lost ball. It just didn't seem fair.

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