Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RangerRanger, there is a human head growing out of your ear. Weird. So, I definitely like having my picture on the left side on my posts. The trouble is that I'm afraid eventually I will go through a post-deleting frenzy again, and I want an easy way to keep my book review posts. I hope I don't go through a friend-deleting frenzy again anytime soon. But you never know - I'm not that mentally stable. But I was thinking yesterday, when I was pondering motorcycles and the people I know who ride them, I remembered my uncle. I would like to share a memory, so brace yourself. I remember, it was after my uncle's motorcycle accident and the brain damage. I guess he was having a bad day. I just remember that he had a kitten in one hand and a gun in the other, and he was threatening to kill it. Why? It was because he didn't want us kids to hurt it. He thought that we were going to hurt the kittens by playing with them, and him killing the kitten was his solution. Everyone turned out safe in the end. The moral(s) of the story? Please wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. Violence is never the answer, but sometimes threats can be very effective. And no one can resist a kitten.

That just reminded me of the dream I had last night. We had new neighbors, I went to visit them, and the lady told me that she thought I was a monster. I had no response.

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