Friday, June 18, 2010

Rita's poniesWhy didn't they teach me more about using Excel in school? In fact, why didn't they teach WAY more computer? I'm not sure if I actually learned anything at all in an actual computer class. I remember in high school learning about the history of the things, but I forgot all that very quickly. Besides, we were still drawing pictures with DAS mapping, or whatever it was. I just think that maybe if I knew more about Excel, I wouldn't have shuffled the client mailing list a few years ago. I'm not sure when it happened. I'm not even sure that I am the guilty party, but it is likely. I vaguely remember not liking how it was arranged in alpha order by firm instead of individual, and I did something, but that does not explain how only the first 2 columns were shuffled, and they're not even in any particular order! Makes no sense, but it's taking many hours to fix it. Vent vent, whine whine. But at least I get out at noon today for golfing. Why did I eat tuna for breakfast?

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