Saturday, July 31, 2010

me & RangerMom took this picture of me on her phone back on the 6th. We pushed grandpa's cattle to the top pasture because a calf was on the wrong side of the fence. That's about as cowgirl as I ever get. It's sad 'cause I had such dreams! We did go to the Gainesville rodeo last night - just me and mom, no horses. I was thinking about dreams and plans when they were introducing all the rodeo queens along with all their grand plans of becoming vets, owning therapeutic riding stables, becoming nurses...will any of those things happen for those gals? I wanted to grow up to be a cowboy at first. When I realized the "boy" part just wasn't gonna happen, I decided I'd be the first woman to play pro football. When the family discouraged that one, I just wanted to dunk a basketball. I really didn't get any new dreams after that. Three disappointments is a lot before 20. I think I have one now, but it's so abstract and personal, I don't think I can share. And I doubt I'd ever realize it if I got there. Keepin' the dream alive - I'll prolly go for a little horsey ride this evening. Maybe I'll even shake out my rope for old time's sake.

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Whitney said...

horseback po-po!