Thursday, July 15, 2010

fineryYesterday I had to wear some of my finery to go down to Frisco for a Republican fundraiser. We went to see Steve Munisteri, the new chairman for the Republican Party of Texas. I didn't actually get to shake his hand or anything, but everyone there was pretty important. Judges and mayors and county chair people and attorneys and at least one state representative. Of course I had to take my self-portrait. Apparently the event raised $20,000. And none of that was my money, unless you count my dues for the local clubs. Bob took care of it. And the four of us were representing Cooke County with our presence. That has to mean something, even though only one of us was a judge. The house was VERY nice, and the host did a fine job. But I know all Republicans aren't that rich, and I wish we could fight that stereotype somehow. Because I'm pretty sure that just as many Dems are rich - they just spend it differently. And that's the entire sum or our we spend our money. Right? Okay, that's definitely an oversimplification. And that's prolly the longest word I've ever used on this blog. Antidisestablishmentarianism. Thanks Mr. C!