Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gabby with IntegrityAww, pretty clouds. Wait, mom wants me to look for something...Ah, here it is. It's a story about this old house just west of Sherman. We always wondered what it was. But they're charging $25 to go in! Yeow! I have a golf tournament that day, so I dunno if I can go, but I do think it would be interesting. Well, I had a whole passel of anxiety dreams last night. I kept missing my plane for all sorts of reasons. I never even made it outta town! All this talk of traveling lately... This weekend I'm flying to Spokane. Then driving to Longview in a couple weeks. Then in October, I'm flying to Chicago and then driving to Wisconsin. And in November there will be a drive to Saint Louis. I may be ready to just chill by then! Of course, it WILL be chilly, especially in St. Louis in November!!

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