Friday, August 13, 2010

me & BillyThree weeks 'til some vacation action. I'm going Spokane, WA, to visit a friend (who doesn't read my blog, so I guess I could talk about her all I want). They say that today could be the hottest day yet. Bummer. No one wants to rodeo with me in Forestburg, so I guess I'll just go to watch. Maybe. It does seem quite pointless - kinda like taking a bath and changing clothes and brushing my hair. But I keep moving out of habit. I just get a little slower every day. Soon I'll be going the same speed as everyone else.

Oh, in the picture is Billy on Ben and me on Ranger in the Saint Jo parade. Wish I had a picture of them before we started. Ben was snacking on a long weed, and Billy didn't want him to have that sticking out for the parade. He couldn't reach down to pull it out of Ben's mouth, so Ranger pulled it out for him. It was pretty amusing. Ben and Ranger get along pretty well.

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