Sunday, August 29, 2010

PP Meetup GroupYesterday some of us from the Pilot Point Meetup Group met in Little Elm for a trail ride. L to R is Jamie on Filly (mom says "yes, I have everyone in the picture...), Robert on Dakota, me on Ranger, Marianne, and William on Lucy. We had a good ride. Housing developments are going up all around Robert's place, and it really quite sad. But the land that he still has to ride on is really nice. He can go right up to Lake Lewisville. Anyway, that was my yesterday. That, and I went to Toby Keith's "I ♥ This Bar" at Winstar for dinner. 'Twas our first time. It was almost an hour wait to get a seat, but it was a fun experience. Always cool when you can watch both the Cowboys and Rangers on big screens! But they should give you bigger portions for the prices. Not that I left hungry or anything. Well, looks like today we might go hunt for some caches. A pretty good weekend so far, says me.

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Janette said...

I think that Will's mom's name might be Marian. Yah, it was hard to see the camera screen in all that bright sunshine, but I really did think I had everyone in there! Sorry! That was a fun ride.