Thursday, September 16, 2010

Least SandpiperI guess I should go log this little guy into Birdstack. There. I did. I haven't used that lovely site in awhile. Not since I got accused of being a child molester for using binoculars. That was back in June. But perhaps watching some happy birdies would help my mood. I'm just so tired of being lied to by folks who don't want their court papers. And most of the people who are REALLY scummy are REALLY good at lying. It's just exhausting. And it makes me distrust everyone else, too. Maybe I started out too gullible? I definitely think not. I'm just too much a girl and take things too personally. It's not my fault that people lie to me. And it's not my fault that now I have to ask everyone twice, "Are you SURE you're not So-And-So?" Like that ever helps. That's when they make up a story about how they just moved in and don't know the person you're talking about, blah blah. And the sad thing? You STILL don't know for sure. All the evidence is there pointing to LIES, but you still want to trust people. You still have to make a good service, so you have to say, "Alright, well, sorry to bother you." Do you think I should instead say, "Yeah, but the person I'm looking for has a motorcycle and a Chevy truck, and you have BOTH those things parked up by your house..." What would happen then? That's the part that scares me, and it may be the part that makes me more angry. Why would people even consider getting violent over the truth? I do know that lies don't make me wanna get violent. They just make me really sad. And it's sadder still when the parent lies with the kids watching. Now you're not the only one who has to live with it, buddy. Good job. Or was he tellin' the truth?

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