Friday, October 08, 2010

1996I'm famous by proxy! I can pretend anyway. The gal in the video above who plays the wife of the soldier was 2 years ahead of me in high school. We didn't talk a whole lot, but I always enjoyed our conversations on normal-ness. So this picture is from my 1996 high school yearbook. I'm still pretty sure she's not normal, though. She's way cooler than that! The video is #3 on the Russian charts.

It's almost time to gooooo! I think I'm all packed...hope...adventure time! Haven't been to Chicago since 2003. That's not all that long ago. It's only been a year since I've seen Tucker, but I think it's been since the '80s since I've seen Aunt Josie. And there are sooo many cousins I haven't met at all yet! Wish we had more time to spend.

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sherie said...

She was in my class! Very cool sweet girl.Saw her in a shampoo commercial not too long ago too. Sherie