Thursday, October 14, 2010

me & grandpaThis was on our way back home; we were waiting in the Chicago airport. I prolly shouldn't wear that hat anymore. I don't have a Rangers hat, though. Stupid Cowboys. And that's just it. It's not that they're athletically inferior to anyone. They're just plain stupid. The players and the coaches. Okay, okay, stupid may be a bit harsh...we'll just say that they're intellectually inferior. Doesn't that sound nicer? It won't help 'em win games, I know that much. Who cares about the Superbowl being in Dallas if da 'Boys aren't in it? Not that any of us really expected them to be, but still. You can't help but hope. It's like a disease. The disease of hope. And why am I talking about the sports teams? Just yesterday I was shaking my head at all the status updates dedicated to the Rangers. Hey, I care about the Rangers, too, but...It discourages one from catching up on people's legitimate updates to their own personal status. Along that note, you wouldn't think I'd miss anything like that - who's doing what when & where. I mean, I AM a professional snoop, but after about 10 hours sifting through material, including facebook crap for WORK PURPOSES, it just get so very old. It's prolly been the best thing for me. It's high time I learned to keep my nose in my own business. Does this mean I'm grown up now?

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