Saturday, December 18, 2010

Only in TexasI didn't aim for this picture. This is just a small area cropped from another picture. But it's pretty cool all on its own, yes? We're doing an exercise in finding the little things - the cool stuff that usually gets overlooked, especially this time of year, when we get in such a hurry. I am not too much in a hurry, I don't think. Work is staying pretty fast-paced, that's for sure. This morning we're going out to find a Christmas tree for grandpa. I'm not sure who all "we" will be, but we're going out towards Forestburg to get it. Then I'm gonna make an appearance at Ted & Lani's party in north Ft. Worth, and then spend the evening at Flooz Holly Daze in south Ft. Worth. Then tomorrow is the Yosten family party. Weekends fly by too quickly, it seems. But I had fun hanging out with Kayla last night. Guess I'd better go join the parents. They're on a cleaning frenzy this morning. Not sure what that's all about.

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Janette said...

What's a Flooz Holly Daze?