Monday, May 23, 2011

127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceI just finished Aron Ralston's story, "127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place" (2004). His adventure happened back in 2003 in Utah. There is a movie about it, too, but I haven't seen that. I think it's supposed to be inspiring, but I can't say that it really is to me. He finally mentions God around page 181, but he asks Satan for help instead on the next page. I can't say exactly what I'd do in a situation like that when desperation hits. Anyway, it's a fun read, but I don't recommend it too strongly. I did have a dream when I first started reading it that I was wandering around with a bloody stump where my hand should have been. That's not pleasant, even in dreamworld. But here I am in Utah, maybe 100 miles from where all that went down in the canyon. Of course, driving distance would be about twice as far with the mountains being in the way. I am not at all like Aron. I have no desire to climb anything, especially not something with snow at the top. But I reckon I'm just too soft. But I'm about ready to get out and enjoy this here vacation time. Find a couple caches. Find some coffee. Find a way to be useful, perhaps, but that is certainly not a priority today. Time to relax.


Thainamu said...

I just happened to watch that movie recently on Netflix. It was interesting enough, but I'm like you in that I have no desire to climb anything!

Thainamu said...

And really, the only "inspiring" thing I got out of it was that the guy had his pride smacked down enough to realize he needed to tell someone where he was headed and not pride himself in being so independent that he didn't need to "file a flight plan" with anyone.