Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rangers v YankeesWell, a good time was had by all last weekend at the horse races, the Diamonds game, and the Ranger game. We ended up buying a couple bags of feed for the horses with out betting, but it was still mostly fun. Then at the Diamond's game, mom took a chance on one of the player's old jersey's, and we won. She won. She said it was for me. That picture was on the facebook. Then the Yankees spanked the Rangers on Sunday, which wasn't part of The Plan, but you can see that we still had an alright time up in nose-bleed-land. What is that - 5 rows from the top? Yup. But that place is cool no matter where you sit. And this weekend is a baby shower for Lou down in Funky Town. Then of course next weekend I leave for the wilderness of Utah. Anyway, now you're updated on my life. Those silly in-between days are all filled with work...lots of 10-hour days, which doesn't count the part afterwards when I go visit people with papers in my hand. Sooo...I REALLY need this here vacation that's coming up.

Anyway, I wanted to post yesterday 'cause I got a little riled up from watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night. I watched last week's episode and the new one. Last week was the gay marriage between the two girls, and it was mostly disturbing. I'd actually given up on the show the week before that because of the gay-ness and the random bursts of singing. SOOO glad that's over. Anyway, back to the gay topic. I dunno if the writers meant to throw some truth in there or if it was just an accident, but you hear the argument that homosexuality isn't a sin because it doesn't hurt anyone. If you watched the show, you couldn't miss the hurt that the whole thing was causing Callie's mom. Then Bailey comes in and tells Callie that her mom is...what...running behind God? Something like that. She gives her this lovely pantheist speech about God being everywhere and honoring the act of commitment between two people. Now then. Grey's is in sad shape, and it's not just because of the gay-ness. However. The ONLY good thing about this whole series of episodes is that they're showing a whole lotta reality. This is really how people think and respond in the real world. I can appreciate real drama, and I guess that's why I still watch it. But, seriously, don't we get enough reality without it? Seriously?

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