Monday, October 24, 2011

back porchWell, it turned out to be a pretty productive weekend. We didn't clean out the garage after all, but we did the shed instead and took a load to the transfer station. It was 1.15 tons. A pretty good workout, I'd say. Then yesterday we talked to the painters/carpenters, and they're going to start work TODAY. But first we had to clean up all the hackberry trees along the house so that the workers can actually get to the wall to paint it. It wasn't a whole lot to do, but once mom gets started with her chainsaw, she doesn't like to quit, so we also cleaned up the fruitless mulberry tree in the front yard. Today also the heat & air folks are coming to see about pulling out the floor furnace and putting in central heat and air. Anyway, so all the little trees in this picture are now gone. And as for the cow skulls, well, they are going to make a most excellent Halloween decoration in conjunction with my fake candles from Christmas. You'll see. It'll be great.

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