Thursday, December 08, 2011

prettyHello outside world! After an Extreme Day of Working yesterday, it feels like it's been ages since I've had any contact with you. Actually, it feels kinda I haven't talked to you in so long that I'm not sure at all how to act or what to say. Soo...the picture for today. It comes from the rent house in the kitchen. It was hiding behind the vent-a-hood which the workers pulled out on Monday. We're gonna have one of those microwaves with a vent built in, so the big monster had to go. I wish they could preserve this wall paper, but it is a little spotty. I dunno what the big deal is about a vent-a-hood anyway. We've NEVER had one in this house, and we're mostly still alive. I remember, back when we actually had working smoke detectors, that sometimes the stove would set them off. More important for us would be carbon monoxide detectors. That's why we have cats. If the cat won't wake up, then we probably need to open a window or two. ;-)

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