Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, a tad more progress has been made. I picked out a stove for the living room.
Quadra-Fire Garnet-T
It'll go in the spot where the valve is sticking out of the wall.
stove spot
Yup. Of course the floor has to go in first. But first they have to finish with the sheet rock in the bathroom. Then comes the installation of the bathtub and sink, which also includes the kitchen sink. Then comes putting down plywood in preparation for the laminate. Then it'll be painting time and then moving time. Your guess is prolly better than mine on the timing of all that. I look at it and think, "Surely that'll take a day, and that may take two, and then another day for that, and maybe one more day, and then DONE!" But it doesn't quite work like that. Maybe by spring break? That's a pretty good guess, I think.

No, my missing cat never did show up. She's been gone a week now, so I guess it's time to... to... ...to go play golf.

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