Thursday, January 12, 2012

parade 2010Who doesn't love a parade? Okay, who DOES love a parade anymore? Sometimes I think they're a bit out-dated. I mean, watching a parade on TV, that's not so bad, but who wants to battle the crowds and be cold for hours? And being in the parade, well, that's even more insane. You've got thousands of people watching your every move LIVE. YOU are the entertainment, and worse, you don't get paid a penny. You spend gas money getting there, countless hours in preparation, and for what? Fun. So. I'm gonna try to have some fun this Saturday. I'm going to join the St. Jo Riding Club in the Ft. Worth Stock Show Parade at 11am. If you're in the area, come on out. Prairie and Lou are gonna join me. I've never done this before - this being a big-city parade. Ron says the Ft. Worth parade is nothing compared to the Houston parade, so I guess that's comforting. Of course there will be pictures. I'm hoping that my horse won't totally lose his mind, but I guess it's okay if he does. He usually does. In parades, that is. I think it's the noise that gets him, specifically the parts with the announcer and the applause. He firmly believes that death is upon him, and he acts accordingly. Well, I personally wouldn't act that way if I thought death was upon ME, but I guess that's because of the whole promise of the next life. Horses don't have such privileges.

So the plan is to take off work early tomorrow afternoon, hook up the trailer, catch the horses, haul them to town where we can wash them, haul them back to the farm where they will spend the night staying CLEAN (hopefully), and then be ready to leave town by 7:40am on Saturday. Too much fun? There's no such thing.

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