Friday, February 10, 2012

kitchen windowAnother day, another SURPRISE, no one is perfect! If only most people weren't willfully so. Willfully not perfect. Whose will? Is it William or Bill? I'll tell you what I think. I mean, I would tell you if I ever had any thoughts. Right now I'm thinking about the chocolate covered strawberries that are in the fridge at work. I'm also thinking about how I need to do some situps. And now I'm thinking about the MYBL (Muenster Youth Basketball League) game this evening which could be the last of the season for the Blue Bombers. Which brings me back to thinking about the Tigerette's victory over Texoma Christian for the district championship yesterday. Which leads me to ponder whether this year's group can go all the way (to state, of course). And now some reminscing about the "good" old days when I was in their shoes... running, running - always running. Always being watched. Lots of yelling. Sweating. Yup, I had my fill.

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