Saturday, May 12, 2012

I made up a joke. Here, I will try it out on you.

Where in the Bible does it say that the University of Oklahoma is not very religious?

"O.U. of little faith!"

I doubt that I came up with it first, but I did come up with it on my own. So the two dogs are now groomed to perfection, but I didn't take any before and after pictures this year. The rain kinda threw off my game. We put a big doghouse in the dogs' cage so that they wouldn't have to ride in the rain, but both of them refused to use it. Fortunately it didn't rain all that much on us.

Speaking of dogs, that dog I decided to bring home, yes Annie, who wasn't doing any barking at the shelter...well, that was just an ACT. She does in fact bark. And it's not a lot, but I have very little tolerance for such things. 'Cause you can teach a dog not to bark, and normally I do. But I can tell this one is going to be a challenge 'cause my neighbors like it when she barks. They also like it when she jumps up on the fence. I don't wanna be a grumpus. I don't think I'll have to lay down the law, though, 'cause sooner than later we're gonna put up a dog pen so el Destructo doesn't do her work on the entire yard. And then the barking won't be right outside my bedroom window.

At the old house, the neighbors call my dad "The Instigator" and "The Aggravater" because he likes to encourage their dog to bark. Maybe it's just what neighbors do to be neighborly ;) Don't get me wrong - I like my neighbors. I just don't like dogs all that much. But love doesn't always have to do with liking someone.

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