Friday, September 14, 2012

Sigh. I don't want to be an adult any more. Anymore? And I'm tired of grammar and spelling and stuff. I'm struggling to leave work at work. It's easy enough to leave home at home. You know - the issues and drama and stuff. But I guess I don't have many/any home issues. I've always been unsure if the practice makes sense anyway - the practice of separating out parts of ones life. I thought that men were supposed to be better at it, but I'm not convinced of that, either.

So in two weeks I will be down to zero co-workers again. It's a hard job. Some people want to treat it like it's not hard, and I think they get offended at me when they realize that it actually is quite hard. And it's not just physically hard on your hands/arms/fingers, but mostly it's mentally hard. It's a long series of micro decisions all day long. No one likes to make decisions.

And I wonder sometimes if it's killing me mentally. Emotionally I've been dead since as far back as I can remember. Ha! But mentally...maybe I need an evaluation. I'm not sure how that would make me feel any better about it. Eh, I've got lots to do today; I'd better get going.


Janette said...

I have evaluated you and I conclude that it is time for a vacation! Where're we going?!?

Seriously, I'm sorry you are having such a rough stretch. Maybe our day-trip tomorrow will perk you up; I hope so.

Ride on! Cache on! YeeHaw!

tank said...

Vacation sounds really nice, but I only have two more days left for the year. I just dunno where they all go.

Janette said...

How about a weekend at the Grasslands B&B? You me and your dad, or you me and some riding girlfriends, like Prarie, Mona, Whitney, Rita...My treat! Maybe an early birthday gift to you? Or we could spend the weekend in the city, sleep in a hotel, take in a movie or two.