Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hard EightOne person told me to read them in order, but another one told me that it didn't matter, so I went with the option that didn't require me to go to the library. However, after reading this one, I was a tad disappointed to see that I don't have the 9th book but will have to skip on to #10. #8 was written by Evanovich in 2003. It was amusing to me 'cause she's up against a private investigator lady in parts of it. The sex and language increased noticably from the 1st one. I've got 2 more of these to read. They're ok, but I don't feel any smarter after reading them. I still think Stephanie needs to find a real job...and by the time #8 came around, maybe she should have gotten over her adverse feelings towards guns. Seriously, if a gun had saved my life like it did hers in the first book, well, I think I'd prolly have one on me at all times. But maybe I'm just weak like that.

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