Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ten Big OnesThis 2004 installment to the Evanovich series does not get as high a review as the others. The plot is always the same. I can't say that, really, since I havn't read them all, but I really don't think I could. I have one more to read for sure, and after that we'll just have to see. I wonder if a man can read these books. I wouldn't think so. Evanovich seems to try to play off of a woman's fear of being stalked and her need to have a sexy man come in and save the day. Over and over and over. "Save me, big strong man! I'm frightened!" Ugh. Stephanie is a liability to her friends, family, and employer. It annoys me. She definitely uses the men in her life, and that's disgusting. She would not be my friend. Yes, and I'm going to attempt to read one more of these. Might as well. Have to do something - the world is covered in ice.

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