Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Seven Up - Janet Evanovich - 2001#13 comes out some time this summer, but other than that I am so totally finished with this series. Yea! Enough with the fiction. I wish I still had time to get to the Muenster Library. Their hours don't work for me. I had a systematic project of which the plan was to read the entire contents of the library. I could go to the Gainesville library on my lunch breaks, but the task of reading all the books in that one is ever so much more daunting. I still have a few more to before before I've even read everything in this house, so there's no need to worry just yet. The dogs went to the vet and groomers today, and I can only hope that they're as traumatized as I am. Hmm, that sounded like someone just drove by and shattered a glass on the street...I'd better go investigate...I discovered that it's too dark to see the road. I don't like dogs. And I don't like bottle-breaking drunks, either.

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