Thursday, June 05, 2008

Faith Is Not a FeelingFaith Is Not a Feeling by Ney Bailey (1978) was given to me by the pastor's wife. They're using it as a study guide on Wednesday nights. I should probably consider going to Wednesday night church gatherings again, but...but... Anyway. The title of the book pretty much says it all. It's not a very long book. I liked it. For some reason I don't like it when someone tells me or anyone to take certain verses and replace certain words with their own names. Sure, God so loved me that He gave His Son. However, He loved the WORLD - all of it. He even loves the people that I might look at and think, "Eww, gross," even more than I look at myself and say that. Putting my own name in there sort of takes away from the meaning. Not that she's promoting the Personal Promise Bible or anything. It's just borderline in my mind. I suppose, if you worded it more like "God so loved the world including me... No, it's still just not quite right. It's just simply not all about me, no matter how often the world tries to convince me otherwise. It's all about Him.

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