Thursday, August 20, 2009

LeTU's First Fifty YearsKenneth Durham wrote "LeTourneau University's First Fifty Years" in 1995. The school was formed in 1946. I knew R.G.'s history, but it was interesting to hear the history of the school. As a student, I heard lots of stories, but the book gave a more thorough picture. It sure has changed, you know. It's changed a ton just since 2005 when I got out. I've got my LeTU softball shirt on today. It's got a little hole in it, and it's getting kind of thin. I'll have to write a book about it when it's fifty years old. My mom is fifty years old. I've almost lost 50 pounds. I have a $50 bill in my wallet. I never go 50 MPH through Lindsay, even though the sign says that I should. I always keep the cruise at 56 MPH, and I still feel a little guilty about it. Lately I've been trying to do the right thing whenever I know for sure what the right thing is. Sometimes it's so blurry. Maybe I killed my conscience. We shall see.

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