Sunday, August 02, 2009

Duke"An Intimate Look at a Legend - The John Wayne Album: DUKE" was written by John Boswell and Jay David in 1979. The content was fun and interesting, but the typos were very distracting! One particularly bad one says that John Wayne's character in "The Shootist" lived by the code "I won't be wrong, I won't be insulted..." But the actual code is "I won't be wronged..." But it's still a fun book to read. But it does make you wonder - if they got that quote wrong, what else is inaccurate?

The CowboysSpeaking of the Duke, we went to see one of his movies last Saturday at the Gainesville State Theater. They were showing "The Cowboys". I grew up watching this movie over and over, so it's one of my favorites of his. I also like "True Grit" and "El Dorado". "Rio Bravo" was made about 8 years before "El Dorado", and it has almost exactly the same plot with a lot of the same characters. I wonder why they though they should make it again. Dunno, but I like "El Dorado" better.

Kayla & meAnd here is Kayla on Apache and me on Ranger in the Saint Jo Rodeo Parade yesterday. It was, as always, way too hot, but somehow we managed. It was Kayla's first time to do the whole rodeo thing, and her family was very proud. We were, too. Well, I guess I'd better get moving. I'm supposed to go get some food for Grandpa's 2nd 82nd birthday party that they're doing this morning. Later I think we're going to Pilot Point to meet with some other equestrians and maybe go for a ride. I can't believe we're loading up two days in a row. I dunno why it wears me out so much. I thought the horses were the ones doing the work.

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