Monday, October 26, 2009

I won't get technical about this one. Ok, who am I kidding...Clay rides a stallion? Suuuure. The editing is not so good. There were tons of typos. Tons being "at least 10". "Outlaw Love" by Judith Stacy, published in 1997, is not the best for intellectual stimulation. But it's a Harlequin book, so we all know what it's meant to stimulate. Eh, it was a cute story. The leading lady's name in the book is Kelsey, and it made me keep getting a certain song by Metro Station stuck in my head..."I'll swim the ocean for you, the ocean for you, whoa, oh, Kelsey..." Wow, 7 million hits on that video. Not bad. Anyway. Moving on to another Monday. Yesss.

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