Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The LeTourneau LegendOk...this is my first post on the new computer. So far I'm not cursing Vista too much. But I get to upgrade to #7 soon. I miss my active desktop a lot. Right. So, content. I finished reading "The LeTourneau Legend" by Philip Gowenlock (1998) while I was on the vacation. This book talks about all the different machines invented and made by Mr. LeTourneau throughout his life. Some of it is kinda on the technical in, you probably have to be an electrical engineer to understand it. But it certainly is thorough.

So, the was nice. My mood is definitely a bit better now. My tennis elbow is already coming back, but I guess it'll just have to rest on the weekend. You know, I only planned on visiting a few people, but I didn't really factor in the meeting of the children. I mean, I wanted to meet their children, but I didn't really see it as social interaction. I guess that sounds kinda...shallow? Anyway, I really enjoyed meeting my friends' kids.

El Dorado State ParkI didn't take many pictures, but this is one that I like. There was supposed to be a cache in that tree, but I failed to find it. Thanks to everyone who was a part of my trip...thanks to Matt & Lidia for letting me hang out. Thanks to Ma and the rest of the Hoyt clan for making me (and my electronic devices with pre-installed games) feel so welcome. ;) Thanks to Casey for letting me watch the Swanbom on her tele and to Lindsay for joining our little watching party. Thanks to Jenelle for showing me the Rockwell gym. A big thanks to Tucker for letting me stay at her place. And thanks to her friends, Meredith and Amanda, for their hospitality. Thanks to Mary and Tony and the others who joined me for the Life Chain and were such an encouragement to me. And thanks to Nancy who let us watch the Monday edition of Jeopardy at her place. And also thanks to the Swanbom for doing the Jeopardy thing. Yeah, yeah, I know it was a dream come true, and I'm sure it was a thrill for her, but it was also amazing for me and for all of us who could say, "Hey, I know that freakin' genius!" So, all in all, I am feeling very thankful right now. Thankful that my car behaved and that the weather did, too. Plus I'm thankful that Miley is feeling better, so she should be plenty healthy for the concert in a week and a half. Rock on! Did I forget anyone? Well, God...I didn't forget Him. I just don't know exactly how to say it here.

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