Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going RogueAnd now for the much-anticipated review of "Going Rogue: An American Life" by Sarah Palin (2009). Hmm, well, one of the most important things to me is that I did not find a single typo. Those things usually just jump out at me, and I can't seem to miss them, but the only thing I sorta found was where it said "a historical" instead of "an historical", and rumor has it that you are allowed to say it either way. I have to admit, I really enjoyed this book. And I had to smile every time that I read some of her quotes in her accent. Crazy northerners. But I learned a lot about the woman and her family. I never really paid much attention - just listened to the media like everyone else. I recommend this book, but it is on the lengthy if you don't like her a tiny bit to begin with, you probably won't make it through to the end. I heard about and read some of the lies that are supposedly in the book. Eh...even if...this book shows very clearly that one person doesn't run a campaign, just like one person isn't doing all the work in a higher public office like governor or president. What do I care if she "took a family vote" or not?? Funny thing that...they're claiming it's a lie in her book, but it's actually a difference between what she told Hannity in 09/2008 and what she told Oprah in 11/2009. The book doesn't mention anything other than her making a phone call to Todd. If that's their "lie" #1...come on...

So - 2012?? Here's my ticket so far...Condi Rice with Palin as her VP. I've said before that I dunno about having a woman way up there, but I could jump on board that ticket. I haven't heard anyone else mention it. Maybe I can be their campaign manager. Guess we'd better get through 2010 first.

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