Monday, December 07, 2009

I Am AmericaLou gave me this one to read. The fact of the matter is - and I already knew this - I have no sense of humor. It's not the book; it's me. Hahaha...are you kidding me?? I hated this book. True enough, it was easy reading. But the don't get any smarter by reading it. It's just a rant. You might as well try to catch up on a blog that you are three years behind on. It's frustrating and annoying and...ARGH! And I wanted to like it for Lou's sake, but I just couldn't. Plus, any time that a book uses certain cuss words, it will lose me instantly. So, "I Am America (and so can you!)" written by Stephen Colbert (whoever he is) in 2007 does not meet my approval. It can have a half star out of 5 stars. I just...I can't even be objective about it. BTW, if you click on that link, which is an interview of Colbert with Letterman supposedly about his new book, he doesn't even mention the book until 8:35 into the thing. That's kinda how the book works, too. If you're trying to find the point...I can tell you right now...I'm a white American male, and I ROCK!!! Gag me with soiled underwear, please. And thank you for listening to MY rant.

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