Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rejoice in the Lord Always!"Rejoice in the Lord Always!" is a collection of short messages written to Mary and Louie Amoruso, friends of the author George W. Kosicki CSB. It was published in 1993. I found this book under the window seat. I wasn't sure about it 'cause I judged it by the cover. However, it doesn't really get into talking about Mary's joy until page 41. Then it goes right down that road of referring to Mary as "cause of our joy." Now, when you look at it from a cause and effect angle, yes, Mary is a cause. A cause. But, of course, Fr. Kosicki writes "Mary is the unique channel of Jesus and so is the channel of joy, the 'Cause of our joy.'" I wish I had been wrong when I judged this book. And, I admit, I read it looking for something like that. Most of the book is really good and is helpful and right-on. Only 4 pages of the 92 are specifically on Mary. 4.35%. So this book is 95.65% pretty good. Seriously, it really is a good book. I just happen to believe that there is only one Cause who is The Cause of all things good, including our joy. If I gave Him at least 95.65% of my attention...I should, and then some.

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