Monday, November 23, 2009

Regional Process Service AcademyHere I go again - pretending that a manual is a book. I needed to read it. Right now I'm just waiting for my criminal history check to come back. So I'm not quite a process server just yet. I do still have one question about the whole thing...where is logic?? No, not really. That is a question, too, but I don't expect the courts to answer that one. No, my question is...why do we not charge sales tax on a service of process? And, if we don't, then would a company that only does process service owe any taxes to the state? That turned into two questions. Ah, there is a house bill - HB 397 - which would make it taxable, BUT process servers are supposed to be against it because we have to compete with sheriffs and constables who would not have to pay that tax. Ack, the bill also would prohibit a server to carry a firearm, even if they have a concealed handgun license. Wow, it's already waiting for a vote in the Senate. Well. Imma hafta read the thing. Nooo, not more dry reading!!!

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