Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yosten/Klement FamMom made it back from St. Louis, and Gina has completed her dissertation. This picture was taken at Gina's party this weekend. The back row is Uncle Doug (mom's brother), Aunt Linda, Cousin Tara and her husband Jeff. The bottom row is Carolyn, Dr. Grant, Cousin Dr. Gina and Jacob. Carolyn and Jacob are Tara's kids. I suppose I should have gone, but I did get to ride horses TWICE this weekend, and I'm not nearly as tired this week as I would be if I had just done a big road trip. I might be tired after this evening, though. We're planning on going to Sherman to see "The Last Song". That's what loyal fans do - they watch movies on opening night. Plus I have to serve three people while I'm in Grayson County. Woo.

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