Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ranger Apache Lucky GabbyWhat a lovely day it was yesterday! We (me, ma, pa & Prairie) went to the Grasslands and rode the west end of the orange trail. We knew it was opening day for turkey season, and mom said that she'd heard that the trail is sometimes closed for that, but I couldn't find anything online, and she couldn't find anything in her paperwork, so we went. We didn't see any turkeys, but we did see 4 fake turkeys that were set up as decoys along the trail. As we were pulling out of the Grasslands, we saw on the billboard that "The orange trail will be closed from April 4 to April 11." I dunno if that sign was there when we got there, but I reckon we got away with it either way! No one shot us. We figured we'd be safer than during deer season anyhow, since horses don't exactly look like turkeys.

So, happy Resurrection Day to you. Here's to our God who gives us new life and a clean slate.

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