Thursday, May 13, 2010

mom & meFamous! I only circled mom and me, but dad is there on the left sitting. We would have to be on TV when the OTHER team is scoring, but the Rangers ended up winning so it's cool. I'm ready to go again already. A beer should never be $7.00, but other than that, go Rangers!

Well, work work. Except for tomorrow 'cause I'm taking off early to play golf IF if if it's not raining. And it's supposed to be. ROAR. But we'll deal with that when it happens. Just the thought of it is sad. Not much else going on this weekend (it will be raining anyhow). I was thinking about camping at Ray Roberts. The state parks of Texas have this new system for making camping reservations online. They just released it yesterday. It mostly works, I guess. I wish you could be more specific about where you wanna be - they let you pick your camping area but not the specific campsite. So who wants to go camping sometime in July? If you want a spot, you'd better reserve it now. Too many people. And camping's not what it used to be.

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You can say that again!