Friday, May 14, 2010

Mila & meSIGH. Fleas are bad already. Ticks. Flies. Snakes. But the fleas are the current focus. I think the rain has caused them to hatch or something. Is that possible. My poor cat was going nuts last night because they were bothering him so bad. I gave him a bath which didn't help his mood too much, but it got better. But he's prolly got another load of 'em on him already. What to do. One bit me, too, and that just makes me SO angry! Why did God make them? How can the flea in creation be a good thing? I'm sorry. What good does my venting do. Zero. Zero good, sir. I wish I had something important to say. At least I get to wear my new shoes for the first time today...except that they will get wet. Perhaps I shall wait then. At least I can keep sniffing them.

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Querida said...

What kind of new shoes? Boots? Pictures, please?