Friday, May 07, 2010

Getting fitted for a bra?? That sounds kinda like dress shopping to me, and I really don't like doing that. And Lane Bryant sounds like an author, not a clothing store, but I should prolly check it out. I swim quite a bit, and it's prolly been 15 years since I got a swimming suit in a store. I just order from Kiefer. But the last time I tried to do their grab bag suit deal where you just tell them your size and the brand you want, and they give you whatever style and color they have. I got a really pretty suit, but it wasn't made for a gluteus maximus the size of mine. Ha. So I wear two suits now. But real swimmers do that anyway 'cause it creates more drag and you get more of a workout. So there.

me & RangerI did my parents taxes. And yesterday we heard back from the IRS. Apparently I am incompetent. The truth of the matter is that they only give you credit for $1,000 worth of the property taxes that you pay. This comes up on Form 1040 Schedule L. I guess we should be happy they give us some credit, but, man, I never thought of that expression before - man alive - a reference to Jesus, yes? Anyway, what if you have a BIG house with BIG taxes? I just hope the feds are happy now. Wait, why do I care if the feds are happy? Am I even happy?? I suppose.

And now, presenting Miley's new music video "Can't be Tamed." Eeep.

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Prairie said...

It's easier than dress shopping. You know I don't like shopping at all. Just suck it up and go get fitted. There's a Lane Bryant in Denton.