Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mila & meI got pulled over last night. Yup. I have a headlight out. Apparently. Dontcha just love the examination of conscience that happens when that HiPo flips his lights on and slides right in behind you? You're like, "CRAP! Okay, I'm not speeding, my tags are current, my plates are alright, my seatbelt is on, I wasn't following too closely, haven't been drinking - this time, don't have any open containers...WHY???" 'Cause you know they'll find SOMETHING. You're always doing something wrong, aren't you? Maybe not always. But nothing good happens after 10pm, right? Or is that midnight? I would say that nothing good EVER happens, but, hey, he didn't give me a ticket. But perhaps a ticket is just what I need to knock me down a peg or two. Or 10. Sigh. I gotta get to da sto n fin me a new headlight bulb. First time with this car, I think. Since '07...not bad.

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